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    Trading Emotions – Best Friend Or Worst Enemy

Trading Emotions – Best Friend Or Worst Enemy

Trading Emotions is something everybody has, or will come across at some point during their journey to becoming a successful trader. This is the harsh reality everybody needs to accept, but most importantly learn to deal with. Every trader is different; different mindset, different trading style and a different tolerance before allowing their emotions to get the best of them! The Forex market can sometimes be a dark place. This comes

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I joined DTFL in April 2013 and have been going through the course material taking it all in slowly, attending the weekly webinars, playing around on demo accounts. Finally opened a real account this month as I now feel confident and ready – bear in mind I had never traded before in my life! The amount of support you get is immense, both off Chad and Sterling (via direct email, forum posts, live in the training rooms, etc) and the community of DTFL members as a whole. What they offer for the one…
Julie Cheung, Manchester, United Kingdom


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