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Live Forex Training Seminar – April 12th 2012

April 15
20:30 2012

Hey Traders! First I would like to say thank you to everyone for the kind words and we truly hope the information was helpful. I’m sorry for anyone who couldn’t get in to watch the live training….the room was full 15 minutes before the presentation started, unfortunately. Because we packed the house I decided to record it so everyone could benefit from it!

I took out about an hour of Q&A and this video just cover my presentation. Because I didn’t record the text from the room it made the Q&A hard to follow so I decided to leave it out.

Live Forex Trading Seminar: April 12th 2012

After the Q&A we were asked to go over the member’s forex training forum & forex course. The next video below covers that. I was also asked if we had testimonials from any members. While we have many via email they are not available for others to see and I’d like to change by having members add them in the comments below.

Members Forex Training Course & Forex Forum Overview:

CURRENT MEMBERS: If you have an opinion on the forex course & members forex forum please share it in a comment below. We get many questions as to what people think of the service, and if you value the effort Chad & I put into helping members please do us the service of leaving your opinion:)

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  1. Shyam
    Shyam April 13, 23:14

    Ster & Chad,

    A great webinar and the material you guys have on this website is awesome! The course is even better- just enrolled onto it yesterday and completed the course today.

    I have some ground knowledge of this stop-hunt and bank trading behaviour so I found it better. Reason for joining: Much better support, prompt replies from both and the fact that it’s a tight community who help each other.

    Awesome, keep up the good work!


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  2. JR Amaro
    JR Amaro April 14, 01:16

    Sterling & Chad,

    I just entered Forex Day Trading as a profession and I am so glad I got off on the right foot by learning about both of you and your company. There is no telling how much time and money I would have wasted otherwise trying to learn Forex the right way.

    Super company, super course, super support, and of course super webinar. Keep up the Great work!

    JR Amaro

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  3. Lenny
    Lenny April 14, 01:22

    hey guys , wonderful presentation about how the smart money needs to hunt for stops before reversing the actual trend ! The idea is not so new to me because I saw videos on YouTube from begin of 2008 about hunting for stops, but back then I didn’t understand it. You are making it clear , so I hope you will continue with your efforts! Thanks.

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  4. jeff thompson
    jeff thompson April 14, 06:17

    Excellent. Simple. Makes you focus. But no junk in the way of the chart.

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  5. jeff thompson
    jeff thompson April 14, 06:18

    Excellent. Simple, Clean, able to focus on price.

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  6. Graham Newman
    Graham Newman April 14, 09:47

    Hi ! All, I have just started my membership after watching from the sidelines for a few months as was said on the 12th of April webinar there are so many indicators & strategies some free some cost 100’s or thousands. I know because I’ve done that over the last 10 years. I have made a small fortune, well I started off with a reasonable fair sum and now it’s small LOL. This is a hobby to me I don’t spend more on this than my friends on Golf, smoking, drinking and the rest they just waste. The only book I would recomend would be The learn Forex for dummies which explains all the basics for beginers all the rest of the books I have bought the best thing you can do is use them as very expensive door stops.
    The first point for me was Sterlings follow the banks Video the 3 bar strategie made me profits but most importantly for me kept me out losing of trades.
    The second was Helders 2 Video’s both were amatuer but most important showed them to be honest. I applied them and made profit and they also kept out of losing trades. Iam really looking forward to his 3rd video he promised , no pressure Helder.
    I enjoyed reading many of the articles written by Chad especially the recent one on the Spanish economy. I was thinking of retiring over there as Property prices have gone down by as much as 50 % but now according to this article look to fall even further so with that info I’ll wait a little longer. He mentioned an economics speaker who made a speach on Friday @ 08.00 hrs EST Approx and the €/$ fell 30 points and then continued down for the rest of the day. Having someone who has access to all these nuggets of info helps so much and saves time looking for them. So this time I don’t think I’ve wasted my money as I’ve already got 20% of the Fee back from a few scalp trades.
    Best Regards
    Graham Newman

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    • Chad
      Chad April 14, 10:49

      Hi Graham
      Thanks for taking the time to write such a long comment. Comments like these let us know that what we do is truly helping traders that are struggling. Of which most are. Thanks again for the kind words and I am happy you are doing well. Take care

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  7. Russ
    Russ April 14, 11:09

    I’ve been losing money in forex for years, and yet I could never quit, because I knew how much was traded (trillions) daily and there MUST be a way to get just a little for myself. I fell victim to all the schemes- “amazing” ea’s, “holy grail” indicators, candle patterns, and so on. Up until learning how to recognize the way “smart money” manipulates the market, I was on a long losing streak.
    Thank you Sterling and Chad for working diligently to illuminate the market and explain it to those of us who are a little “forex challenged”. I truly appreciate your committment and generosity.
    I’m finally starting to succeed at forex.
    God Bless!

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  8. Vinchenzo
    Vinchenzo April 15, 11:06

    I just started trading for a month or two and the reason why I started was because I knew I could make money with this stuff the price can only go up or down. The first trade that I made trippled my money which set my head on fire. Soon I started loosing it little by little.

    After somethinking I thought that my trades did not have any effect on the price, only people with alot of money could influence the price so I started searching for ways to find these peoples or companys with big pockets. I came across VSA but basically was unrealiable because I used the volume of my brokers.

    Then I came across Chad & Stering… GOD*****! I’ve been winning ever since! I dont know much about trading, economic and financial markets only the the simple ABC stuff. The price either goes up or down.


    Will be joining the member secction soon!!!

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    • stersuhr
      stersuhr April 16, 03:04

      Hey Vinny,

      Thanks for the comment buddy and I’m glad the info has helped you. I edited one word on your post and made it “G-rated” LOL:)

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  9. Alex Alden
    Alex Alden April 15, 11:10

    Hi Sterling and Chad,
    Putting the course videos on to the new media player has really helped. Thanks for this, I’ve just been through all the videos again and it was a lot easier for me to watch them this time. I’m looking forward to the next video you mention at the end of video 6.
    This is really making a difference to my trading, I’m a lot more confident about my trades now I understand the concepts that you teach in the course and in the daily reviews and fx commentary. Posting my trades in the forum really helps me to think about why I am taking the trade and what I can expect from it, even if they don’t always work out!
    Thanks again.

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  10. Herc Demirgelis
    Herc Demirgelis April 16, 11:43

    Hi Sterling & Chad.

    You two guys never cease to amaze me & have undoubtedly taken my trading to a much higher level. I now have a much better understanding of how this market operates thanks to your eye-opening theories & strategies. You have given me the forex awakening I needed to get me on track to becoming a successful trader and it’s working! Your recent seminar was outstanding & Sterling your daily market review has helped keep me in the loop & very in tune with what’s going on everyday. I am forever grateful for all your hard work. Keep it up.
    Best Regards, Herc.

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  11. VAN
    VAN April 17, 00:23

    Hi Sterling & Chad.

    First, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for inviting me to your site. After watching the April 12, webinar, and the 2 TREND TRADING videos posted on YouTube, I must say that this free information alone is worth much more than what you charge to join as a member. It’s priceless. I always had a feeling that there was a method to the Market Madness, but had no Idea on how to grasp it. Now I look at the market in a whole new way. I actually have some prospective and that is such a great feeling.

    I look forward to becoming a member and learning from you.
    Once Again, THANK YOU…

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  12. Mo
    Mo May 20, 16:38

    I am not even a member and have just been following the free videos on youtube and didn’t get to attend the seminar. I made a a good amount of money trading stocks( mostly luck) and then lost it all within a few months. So I came to forex trading since the accounts to trade forex don’t have to be as big as those for trading stocks ($25000 to avoid PDT rule). I have actually had more success with their 3 wave strategy that is taught then with anything else I have tried. I can only imagine how much more helpful joining their website actually would be, and that’s exactly what I am going to do very soon.

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