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EUR/USD, GBP/USD Daily Forex Commentary August 17, 2012

As we see in the EUR/USD today the thin markets are throwing off some of our ways to determine where we are in the cycles. One of our members had

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Forex EUR/USD, GBP/USD Daily Commentary August 16, 2012

Todays commentary is going to be short and sweet with no fluff. As you can see by the front page of the site we have been hacked and are back

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FX EUR/USD Commentary March 1, 2012

Its looking like the decoupling theory is coming back folks. We had better than expected GDP numbers from the US, better Chicago PMI, Consumer confidence and lets not forget good old helicopter

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Forex Commentary EUR/USD February 29, 2012

The EUR/USD did not act quite as expected yesterday although my short did run 60 pips before it came back to hit me break even. I expect this V bottom

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EUR/USD Fx Commentary February 28, 2012

The EUR/USD is going to be interesting to trade over the next couple days. With the S&P downgrading Greece to

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EUR/USD Forex Commentary February 21, 2012

As I mentioned in yesterdays forex commentary the IMF had began working on the estimates for the Greek debt to GDP

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EUR/USD Forex Trade Short 25/08/2011

Going into the NY session the trend was down and as you can see on the 5M chart above we

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Intra-Trend Day Trading Confirmation Entry EUR/USD 10/06/2011

After yesterday’s day trade during the ECB Press Conference it was important for me and the rest of the forex

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ECB Press Conference EUR/USD 09/06/2011

Thursday we had the ECB interest rate decision, and then the ECB Press Conference that follows at 8:30. As expected

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Non-Farm Payroll – Day Trading Forex News Setups GBP/USD 06/05/2011

Today’s chart is going to be a bit more “crowded” than usual but it shows a few good examples of

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