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Learn To Trade Forex – Live Forex Trade EUR/USD

Through the course of this trading day I really did not like the Euro. During the live training room we really didn’t even discuss it much. Things however changed during

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Daily FX Commentary EUR/USD, GBP/USD October 4, 2012

Well as I had a suspicion we didnt see our third push on the EUR/USD yesterday. I knew something was suspect with that push to the previous Friday highs and

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Forex Training Video – Forex Market Manipulation Strategy

In this forex training video we have a nice example of a stop run out of the Asian session. So many times people want to complicate what doesn’t need to

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Forex Market Daily EUR/USD, GBP/USD Commentary October 3, 2012

Today on the EUR/USD we are looking at a second push to the upside. Not only is it a 87 pip push but has the hourly close above Mondays highs.

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FX EUR/USD, GBP/USD Daily Commentary October 2, 2012

Yesterdays price action on the EUR/USD was not part of the plan. The 130+ pip pullback I did not expect.

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Daily Forex Commentary EUR/USD, GBP/USD October 1, 2012

As I was going through my news releases over the weekend it did not surprise me that we see the

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EUR/USD, GBP/USD Forex Market Commentary September 28, 2012

IMPORTANT: This Saturday September 29th 2012 @ 2:00PM Eastern (New York) We Are Hosting A Live Training Seminar. I apologize to all those

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Forex EUR/USD, GBP/USD Daily commentary September 27, 2012

Today we are looking at the EUR/USD finding support at the daily 200ema. I remember mentioning to a member last

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Daily FX EUR/USD, GBP/USD Commentary September 26, 2012

Yesterday turned out to be a rather interesting trading day for me. Even though the live training session was quite

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FX Daily EUR/USD, GBP/USD Commentary September 25, 2012

Today on the EUR/USD I see we have had the expected push to the downside. Things didnt go exactly as

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